Many factors will determine whether your dog bite case settles out of court

Most dog bite cases settle before they go to trial. Whether your case is likely to settle before trial depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The quality of the evidence. Eyewitnesses who can testify about your dog bite attack, doctors’ records that prove your injuries were caused by the dog bite, and other convincing evidence may make the defendant more likely to settle with you out of court.
  • The strength of your case. If the defendant believes that you will likely succeed at trial and recover damages, then the defendant may be more likely to settle your claim with you for a fixed and known amount rather than take his chances in a courtroom.
  • How you negotiate. You may be more likely to settle your case for a fair amount if the defendant believes that you or your attorney understand your rights and is serious about pursuing a fair recovery.

Of course, other factors may also influence whether or not you are able to settle your case before trial. For example, there may be factors that you can’t control, such as the reasonableness of the defendant or the defendant’s insurance company.

This Is Too Important to Do Alone

It can be difficult to know when to settle your case and when to take your chances at trial. However, if you are interested in settling your dog bite claim out of court, then it is important to:

  • Get immediate medical attention and follow your doctors’ orders.
  • Begin protecting your rights as soon as you are hurt by not giving any statements to the dog owner or insurance adjuster.
  • Learn more about how a dog bite case works in Illinois by browsing our website or download our free dog bite brochure.

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