A dog bite lawsuit can recover your miscellaneous out-of-pocket expenses

You may be able to recover damages for each individual cost that you can prove was caused by your dog bite injury. For example, if you paid someone to clean your house prior to the dog bite and you still pay someone to clean your house with the same frequency after the dog bite, then your house cleaning expenses would not be considered to be caused by your dog bite injury. However, if you cleaned your own house prior to the dog bite injury and you now pay someone to clean your house because your injuries make it too difficult for you to clean on your own, then you may be able to claim the house cleaning expenses as out-of-pocket costs in a dog bite lawsuit.

What Kinds of Things Are Considered Out-of-Pocket Expenses?

Any costs that you have to pay as a direct result of your dog bite injury are considered out-of-pocket expenses. In addition to the housecleaning example provided above, out-of-pocket costs could include things like:

  • Transportation costs if you can’t drive or travel the same way that you did before the dog bite.
  • Child care costs if you need to hire someone to help you with your children as a result of your dog bite injury.
  • If your loved one died from her dog bite wounds, then funeral expenses may also be included in your out-of-pocket costs.

Know What Damages to Claim Before You Begin Negotiating a Settlement or Before You File a Lawsuit

It is important to make a comprehensive list of your out-of-pocket damages, and to attach receipts if available, before you pursue your recovery. That way you can be confident that all of your dog bite damages are represented in your settlement negotiations or in your request for compensation in court.

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