Let’s answer your second question first. If a dog has bitten you, then it doesn’t matter whether you are considered to be at high risk for suffering from a dog bite injury. You should contact a Quad Cities dog bite lawyer to discuss your legal rights and possible recovery.

The high-risk category for dog bite injuries has nothing to do with your legal recovery. Instead, it based on statistics compiled by the government and other interested groups. The information may help with dog bite prevention and education. Risk analysis may help to prevent future accidents and resulting injuries, but it does not exclude anyone from recovering damages for his injuries if he has a valid Iowa dog bite accident case.

That said, those at the highest risk of suffering a dog bite injury may be:

  • Young children.
  • Elderly people.
  • Those in certain high-risk occupations, such as postal workers who make frequent deliveries to homes.

If you have been injured by a dog in Iowa then it is important to consult with an experienced Iowa dog bite lawyer regardless of whether you are considered to be at high risk for suffering a dog bite injury. Our Quad Cities dog bite attorneys welcome your call today at 563-275-6892 or 888-807-2752 for an initial consultation, and we encourage you to read our FREE dog bites brochure.

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