A negligent security attack can cause deep, lasting emotional suffering

No one knows what it is like to be you. The property owner or business owner that failed to have reasonable security in place may not have anticipated that you would be hurt in attack, and your attacker didn’t care about the physical pain and emotional suffering that you would have to endure.

Yet Pain and Suffering May Be Among Your Most Significant Damages

Your physical pain and emotional suffering may make it impossible for you to take care of yourself, to work, or to enjoy your family or friends. It is your pain and suffering that has changed your life even more than your medical treatment or lost income. Yet, there is no bill that you can submit to prove just how much your pain and suffering has cost you. Instead, you have to consider every detail of every day and document how your life has changed because of your injuries.

And You Have to Make the Insurance Company or the Court Understand

Now is not the time to be stoic or shy. Instead, you and your attorney should paint a clear picture of how significantly your pain and suffering is impacting your life. You need to provide details about:

  • How your daily life has changed.
  • Special events you miss.
  • Any emotional changes you’ve experienced.
  • How much it hurts.

Your whole life was changed by the attack and by the property owner’s failure to provide reasonable security to prevent your attack. No one can take away the pain and suffering that you are experiencing, but you still deserve to receive fair financial compensation for the pain and suffering that you have to endure and for all of your damages.

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