How can I negotiate a fair motorcycle accident insurance settlement?

All you want is fair compensation for your motorcycle accident injuries. The insurance company that covers the driver who caused your crash is responsible for paying your damages, but it doesn’t want to pay you for all of your expenses and losses. Instead, the insurance company wants to maximize its own profits by paying you as little as you will accept.

How to Get a Fair Motorcycle Accident Settlement

It is up to you to convince the insurance company that:

  • Certain driver(s) caused the crash
  • You have evidence to prove who caused the accident
  • You have evidence to prove the extent of your damages
  • You are not going to settle for less than your case is worth

To do this, you may send a demand letter to the insurance company. Your demand letter may describe:

  • How the accident occurred
  • Your injuries and medical treatment
  • Your vehicle damage and other accident-related losses
  • The compensation you deserve from the insurance company

Your demand letter should include evidence to support your statements and requests.

The insurance company will likely respond to your demand letter in writing. Often, this response includes a lower settlement offer, and you must make a decision. You can accept the lower settlement offer as your final compensation for your motorcycle accident injuries, you can continue to persuade the insurance company to provide you with fair damages for your losses, or you can protect your rights in court.

Tell the Insurance Company You Mean Business

You can avoid a lot of wasted time by quickly convincing the insurance company that you are going to fight to protect your rights. Insurance companies in Iowa know that the motorcycle accident lawyers of Hupy and Abraham mean business. We are riders ourselves, and we have successfully represented thousands of other riders.

Our attorneys won’t back down or avoid going to court if that’s what it takes to get you the recovery that you deserve. Insurance companies know this and are often more willing to make fair settlements to avoid the risks of litigation.

Learn more about protecting the motorcycle accident settlement you deserve and our Win or It’s Free Guarantee! Contact us today for a free consultation.

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