It depends on what type of sole the shoe has. People who work in an environment that is likely to become wet or slippery—such as a restaurant or grocery store—should wear shoes with non-slip soles.

Buy Decent Shoes

Your brother should go to a reputable shoe store that sells high-quality footwear. He should tell the shoe dealer where he will be working and what type of work he will be doing.

According to the National Safety Council Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, shoes that have a chevron or cleat design on the soles are the best shoes for slippery surfaces. They provide suction with the surface and can help employees avoid a Green Bay slip-and-fall injury. Softer soles are good for indoors, while the harder cleated soles are better for outdoors.

Learn How to Fall

Because even the most careful employee may still have a slip-and-fall accident in Wisconsin, your brother should know how to fall to minimize the risk of injury. Here are the “correct” ways to fall:

  • Tuck in your chin, turn your head, and throw your arm up to protect your head.
  • As you fall, twist your body so that you land on your bottom or side rather than your back.
  • Keep your wrists, elbows, and knees bent, and don’t try to break the fall with your hands or elbows.

Try to have as much of your body as possible come in contact with the surface; this keeps the impact from being concentrated in one place, by spreading force of the fall across the whole area of your body.

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