Only in rare circumstances is an Iowa landlord financially responsible for a dog bite injuryIowa’s dog bite statute applies only to dog owners, not the landlords who rent property to dog owners. Thus, it is often easier to seek compensation from the owner of the dog if you’ve been injured on a rental property. However, in some cases—such as when the renter does not have renter’s insurance or significant assets—you may be left without a recovery from the dog’s owner after a dog bite injury.

Landlord Liability May Be Difficult to Establish

Generally, Iowa landlords are not held liable for dog attacks in areas that the landlords do not control. Thus, if the attack occurred inside of a house or apartment that was controlled by the tenant, then the landlord would likely not be liable for the injuries from a dog bite. However, if the dog attack occurred in a common area and the landlord knew or should have known that the dog was vicious or likely to bite, attack, or be aggressive, then it is possible that the landlord could be held responsible for the dog bite injuries.

Get the Help You Deserve After an Iowa Dog Bite

If you’ve been bitten by a dog on an Iowa rental property, then it is important to talk to an experienced dog bite lawyer about your rights and about how to best protect your recovery. Please start a live chat with us now for more information about what you can do to get the recovery that you deserve for your injury.

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