Your Wisconsin motorcycle accident lawyer will need to see many of the same documents that the insurance company will request. In fact, it is a good idea to let your Green Bay motorcycle accident lawyer look through the documents before you give them to the adjustor, so he can make sure that they are in good order and that they support your Wisconsin motorcycle accident claim.

You will need to bring: 

  • Your insurance policy: Your attorney will need to know the name of your insurance company and how much coverage you have.
  • Information about the other driver: You will need the driver’s name, address, telephone number, and insurance information. If you did not get this at the accident scene, it may be on the accident report. 
  • Information about witnesses: Try to get the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of anyone that was at the Wisconsin motorcycle accident scene.
  • Any photographs of the scene

The accident report: When officers arrive at the scene of a Wisconsin motorcycle crash, they fill out a police report. The report may contain an outline of the accident, witness information, the officer’s impressions, reports of injuries, and even photographs. If an officer did not come to the scene of the accident, you will need to file a report at your local DMV.

Your medical records: Bring any records from the emergency room and from follow up visits with your own physician. Bring any bills and receipts that are related to your Green Bay motorcycle accident injuries.

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