If you have been hurt in any type of accident due to someone else’s fault, it is always best to seek medical treatment and to call an accident attorney. At Hupy & Abraham, our Gurnee injury lawyers will even provide you with a free initial consultation. So, you have nothing to lose by calling and everything to gain.

It is never too early to talk with an attorney after an accident. This way you can learn more about your rights, how to protect your interests, and whether or not you are entitled to a financial recovery. The sooner you call a lawyer, the sooner your attorney can start investigating your crash and get to work on your recovery.

For instance, the tire company might be liable for your injuries, but your attorney will need to have the tire preserved for inspection. If you don’t call your lawyer for some time, your evidence may be destroyed.

Some of our Illinois motorcycle accident attorneys ride ourselves and know the dangers facing motorcyclists. We are passionate about protecting riders’ safety on our roads and encourage you to call us following a Gurnee motorcycle crash as soon as possible. You do not need to wait until you have spoken with the insurance company or wait on your full prognosis from the doctor. The sooner you call an accident attorney, the better your chances of recovering a higher settlement will be.

You can reach Hupy & Abraham toll-free at 866-625-2299 for a complimentary case consultation today.

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