The technical term for a lawyer who accepts bad drug or medical device clients is a pharmaceutical class action attorney.  The Milwaukee, Wis. attorneys at Hupy and Abraham do take class action cases of this type.  We strongly believe that big pharma does not do enough to protect the health and well being of those they are supposed to help.

We are aggressive in our defense of patient rights and believe that too often drugs  meant to help actually harm.   The prescription diet drug Meridia is the latest example of this.  If you have suffered a heart attack while taking Meridia, you are not alone.  The New England Journal of Medicine recently released a study that  shows that the drug significantly increases the risk of non-fatal heart attack or stroke in some users of the drug.   The FDA will soon review the safety of Meridia.

Though we are glad to see that the FDA is reviewing the safety of  Meridia, we know that users of the drug are still being harmed.   If you are taking Meridia, please speak with your doctor.  If you believe that Meridia caused a stroke or heart attack in you or a loved one, please contact an attorney at Hupy & Abraham today for your free consultation.