This question requires a complex answer, so we’ll talk about various factors that you should consider when determining whether motorcycle riding in Gurnee is for you. We’ll cover some in this issue and some in a later one.

These questions are adapted from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s website.

  • Do you take more risks than other people you know? If so, maybe you shouldn’t ride a motorcycle. If you tailgate, change lanes or turn without signaling, or lose your temper with other drivers, don’t ride a motorcycle. Gurnee motorcycle crashes happen more to risk-takers than to cautious riders.
  • Can you ride a bicycle? If you can balance on and maneuver a bike easily, you should be able to master the art of motorcycle riding.
  • Can you drive a car with a stick shift? If so, you may learn how to shift gears on a motorcycle more easily. If you have trouble shifting gears on a car, but you still want to ride a bike, try a motor scooter first; they usually have automatic transmissions.
  • Do you have good vision? Seeing well ahead of you is imperative for safe motorcycle riding.
  • Are you mechanically inclined? You don’t need advanced skills, but you should be able to use a wrench and a tire pressure gauge. You should be able to make an occasional adjustment when necessary.

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