Right now it might seem like your choices are very limited. You can’t go back to the job that you held prior to your motorcycle accident injury. You can’t earn the same amount of money that you did prior to the crash, but you need that money to pay your bills.

You Have Options If You Take Action

If you fail to take any action and just let the bills pile up then you may not have many options. You may be forced into bankruptcy. You may lose your home. You may be unable to feed your family.

However, if you decide to take action then your future may be very different. You may be able to maintain the standard of living you enjoyed prior to your accident by:

  • Filing a lawsuit. If someone else caused your accident then you may be able to recover money for your medical expenses, lost income, diminished future job prospects, pain, suffering, and other damages.
  • Finding different work. You may be able to do a different kind of job and continue earning an income. You may be able to recover money to help you get the education or training that you need for a new job.
  • Pursuing any disability insurance money available to you. This may make a difference to your bottom line.

All of this can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone. Your doctors, lawyers, therapists, family, and friends can all help you. To learn more, we encourage you to fill out our online contact form to schedule a free consultation with our experienced lawyers. We also invite you to browse our free video library and other web resources for additional information about your rights and possible recovery.

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