I'm afraid to come forward. How do I know if it's worth it to pursue a police brutality case?

The police officers who were supposed to protect your rights—even if you were breaking the law—used excessive force and hurt you. Now, it's difficult to know who to trust or what to do. You were mistreated and you may be afraid to pursue a case.

Talk to a Police Brutality Lawyer About Whether You Should File a Case

Generally, if you've been hurt by a police officer's excessive force, then you should consider a police brutality case. An experienced police brutality attorney can help you weigh the costs and benefits of pursuing a claim and answer essential questions, such as:

  • Will anyone believe you if you file a police brutality claim? Our experienced police brutality lawyers will thoroughly investigate your claim and collect evidence to prove what happened. If you were hurt by police brutality, then the evidence and our legal arguments will make sure you are taken seriously.
  • Will you recover damages? If you've been injured by police misconduct or excessive force, then you may recover compensation for past and future medical costs, lost income, out-of-pocket expenses, physical pain, emotional suffering, and other damages.
  • Will you do more harm than good by coming forward? No. Our lawyers will make sure that your rights are protected. Additionally, there are several benefits to filing a police brutality case. You may receive the compensation described above. Additionally, you may help prevent other people from being victims of police violence.
  • Will you or your family be in danger? No, other police officers should not stop protecting you or your family because you file a police brutality case.
  • Will you be charged with a crime you didn't commit in retaliation for filing a police brutality case? No, you should only be charged with crimes that the government has evidence to prove you committed.

Get all of the information that you need to decide whether you want to pursue a police brutality claim in Iowa, Illinois, or Wisconsin by calling our experienced police brutality attorneys today for a free consultation.


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