While there are many laws and safety biking tips to keep in mind while on the road, motorcycle preparedness happens before even leaving the driveway and can be just as important. Some things to make sure of before taking your motorcycle out on the road include: 

  • Having the right gear. This means a jacket and pants made out of strong material to prevent road burn, such as leather or Teflon. It is also highly recommended, though not required by Wisconsin state law, that you wear a helmet or some form of face and eye protection.  
  • Knowing your bike. Because there are so many factors on the road which could cause danger, your motorcycle should not be one. Making sure you know the ins and outs of how your bike works means reading the owners manual, becoming familiar with placement and behavior of all of the controls, and ensuring that you know the gear pattern and brakes like the back of your hand.
  • Check the crucial parts. Any time you’re about to head out on your bike, it’s important to make sure the following parts are clean and functional: mirrors, brakes, clutch and throttle, and horn. In the winter, tire tread becomes more important than unusual, so make sure your tires can provide good traction before setting out on icy roads.

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