Riding the open road on a motorcycle has become very popular in recent years. In fact, in the state of Wisconsin, there are six registered motorcycles for every 100 residents. In the past ten years the number of motorcycle licenses issued has increased by 27 percent.

Along with the surge in the number of people riding motorcycles, we have seen a surge in the frequency of Wisconsin motorcycle wrecks. There were 2,214 Wisconsin motorcyclists injured on the road in 2010. With the numbers being so high, it is important to know how to stay safe on the road. Some steps you can take to stay safe while riding are:

  • Check your bike. Give your motorcycle a detailed inspection before riding. Check to see that all bolts, mounts and nuts are tight. Check for any excessive wear on the tires. Be sure all fluids and fuel are at the recommended levels. Start your bike and make sure all lights and blinkers are working correctly.
  • Ride wisely. While riding the motorcycle you should speed up gradually and brake slowly. When turning use your blinkers. Before you hit the road know the laws and follow them.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Many motorcycle accidents are due to other vehicles. While riding stay aware of what other vehicles are doing around you. Keep a safe distance from other autos.

As you enjoy the freedom of riding a motorcycle, staying safe should be a top priority. Taking precautions can reduce your risks—but, sadly, safety measures cannot guarantee you won’t be involved in an accident.

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