Emotional and psychological damages may result after a dog attack

Yes, if you have suffered a dog bite wound in Illinois and you experience emotional pain or suffering, then you may be able to collect compensation for your emotional injuries as part of your dog bite settlement or court verdict.

Your time to take action to recover dog bite damages is limited and you must file a lawsuit or agree to a settlement before the statute of limitations expires.

Examples of Emotional Distress That May Be Compensable

If you experience any of the following then it is important to talk to your dog bite lawyer about your rights. You may be able to recover if you:

  • Suffer emotionally because of the appearance of a scar. A scar—particularly a facial scar—can interfere with your self-esteem. You may be worried about how people see you and you may have trouble acting with the confidence that you did prior to the dog bite.
  • Have a fear of dogs or a fear of getting hurt that you did not have prior to the dog bite. It is difficult to avoid dogs in Illinois. You may see a dog while you are getting your mail, mowing your lawn, going to a park, or walking down the street. If you experience fear, anxiety, or panic when you see a dog then it can interfere with your everyday life.
  • Have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD is an anxiety disorder that can interfere with your everyday life. You may relive the attack in your dreams or have recurring daytime thoughts about the incident. You may be fearful and anxious. You have difficulty sleeping, trouble concentrating, or experience changes in behavior or personality. The symptoms can last for months, years, or even a lifetime; however, PTSD can be treated with the help of a medical or mental health professional.

You may also recover damages for your suffering if you can prove how the dog bite affected you psychologically or emotionally in a different way.

Take the Necessary Steps to Protect Your Recovery

Damages for emotional distress after a dog bite incident may include compensation for:

  • Prescription medications
  • Counseling
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering

To discuss your own unique situation, please contact the dog attack lawyers at Hupy and Abraham via this website at any time to discuss your rights.

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