Slip and fall accidents in Milwaukee are quite common. A lot of times we hear about slip and falls in relation to public property. This does not mean they do not occur at residential locations as well.

As a renter, you have the right to live in a safe home. Your guests should be assured of safe access to your apartment or rental property. A slip and fall accident may very likely be the fault of the landlord or the property’s owner if poor maintenance or building upkeep was a factor.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall while renting a residential property, it is very likely that you will have the right to file a claim to recover your losses. Whether the slip and fall occurs in a residential home or in a public area, they can be very dangerous.

To hold the landlord responsible for your injuries, you must show that:

  • The landlord had control. For the landlord to be held responsible for the slip and fall, you must be able to show that the landlord had control over the condition that caused the fall.
  • The deficiency could have been fixed. You should be able to show that the condition that caused the fall could have been fixed without being excessively difficult or expensive—and that the property owner had sufficient time to fix the problem or warn people about the hazard.
  • The injury was foreseeable. In order for the landlord to be held responsible for your injuries, a serious injury must have been a foreseeable consequence of not fixing the problem.
  • Failure to fix was the cause. The accident was caused by the landlord’s failure to take reasonable steps to avoid the accident.

If you believe you have been injured in a slip and fall due to the negligence of your landlord, you need to contact a Milwaukee slip and fall attorney at Hupy and Abraham. Call 800-800-5678 to discuss your legal options.

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