High school students walking down hallwayYou should schedule a confidential and free consultation with an attorney if you have been sexually attacked on campus. The university security department and the prosecutor’s office may be doing their own investigations, and either or both entities may decide to take action against the person who committed your sexual assault. The person who attacked you may be the only one who violated a criminal law, but that person may not be the only person responsible for what happened to you or the only one who should pay for your recovery.

The College or University May Also Be Responsible

The school is responsible for providing you with adequate security. Depending on where on campus you were hurt and what other security measures were in place, adequate security could include things such as:

  • Adequate lighting.
  • Restricted access to buildings.
  • Adequate security guards on campus to respond to calls and patrol the area.

It can be difficult to assess whether adequate security was provided in your case until you know all of the facts.

But You Have Nothing to Lose by Contacting an Attorney

A lawyer can do a complete investigation into whether the school provided you with adequate security and help hold the school accountable if it was negligent in the security it provided and if that negligent security led to your attack and injuries.

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