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What home remedies can I use for cellulitis that I have developed after a dog bite?


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Dogs are cute and cuddly. They can never do any harm, right?

Wrong. Unfortunately, dogs are not always as cute and cuddly as they may seem. A dog can actually be quite vicious and aggressive, which can lead to an innocent person becoming the victim of a dog bite. Sadly, a large number of these bites are a result of a negligent owner or caretaker.

We commonly forget that dogs are animals and carry bacteria that can be extremely dangerous to humans. When the dangerous bacteria enters the human body during a dog bite, the result will often be a serious infection. One of those common infections is called cellulitis, and it is caused when staphylococcus bacteria overwhelm the body’s defenses.

Cellulitis can be treated with antibiotics by a healthcare professional, but it should also be treated at home. To help recovery and keep cellulitis from coming back, a dog bite victim who is suffering from cellulitis should:

  • Take meds. It is important that all prescribed medication is taken as directed.
  • Use proper skin care. Keep the infected area clean. This will help with the healing process and prevent any other conditions from developing.
  • Elevate. If possible, keep the affected area elevated to reduce any swelling that might be present.
  • Use pain relievers prudently. The infection or the bite itself may cause the victim to experience pain. Over-the-counter or prescription pain relievers can be taken to help alleviate the pain.


As a dog bite victim you have legal options. If you would like more information about your options call 800-800-5678 today or follow the related links.

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