Most children love dogs. They cannot resist the urge to reach out and pet a cute cuddly dog. Unfortunately, not all dogs are as cute and cuddly as they appear. It is hard for children to distinguish between friendly dogs and unfriendly dogs. This will often lead to a child becoming the victim of a Milwaukee dog bite.

Because children are smaller than adults, their attack wounds from a dog will be much more severe. It will often lead to the child’s needing professional medical attention. Even if the dog bite does not seem severe enough for an emergency trip to the hospital, it is still important that the wound receive proper medical attention. Follow these three treatment steps to properly treat a child after a dog bite in Wisconsin:

  • Stop the bleeding. To minimize the bleeding is important with any puncture wound; the same rule applies to a dog bite wound. In order to do this, use a clean washcloth or towel. Apply directly to the wound with gentle pressure until the bleeding stops. For wounds that are more difficult to stop, the bitten area should be elevated.
  • Clean the wound. Dogs are notorious for having a large amount of dangerous bacteria in their mouths. To prevent these bacteria from causing infection, it is important to clean the wound thoroughly. Wash the wound with soap and water, holding it under running water for a few minutes.
  • Cover the wound. Covering the wound will help to prevent the wound from becoming infected. Before covering, the wound should be treated with some antibiotic ointment. Once this is done, cover it with a fresh bandage.

If a dog has bitten your child, it is important first to make sure that your son or daughter is okay. Once this is done, you should be sure that the responsible owner is held accountable. To discuss your legal options, contact a Milwaukee dog bite attorney at Hupy and Abraham

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