Sharing the road in Wicsonsin is the responsibility of all parties. However, as motorcycles can maneuver more quickly than cars and are sometimes more difficult to spot, it may be necessary for Wisconsin riders to be more in-tune with their surroundings than drivers of cars.

Safe driving practices should be adopted regardless of what vehicle you drive. For example, accidents can be reduced if all operators of motor vehicles followed these suggestions: 

  • Check your blind spot. This applies to motorists who may have a motorcycle in their blind spot without knowing it. It also applies to motorcycle riders who should be aware when they are in someone’s blind spot. riders should make their presence known before shifting lanes. 
  • Signal your intentions. It is just as dangerous for a car to turn without signaling in front of a motorcycle as it is for a rider to change lanes without properly notifying the driver ahead of him. 

Although road safety can only be achieved if everyone makes an effort, it is especially important for motorcycle riders to exercise defensive driving. In the event of a collision with a car, a minimally-protected person on a motorcycle is far more likely to sustain serious injuries.

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