Attorney Michael F. Hupy has turned tragedy into triumph for a Milwaukee woman and her family. While nothing can ever compensate someone for the loss of a loved one, Attorney Hupy recently did his part to help that family of a local child.

Marcus Jones, a fourteen-year-old Milwaukee boy, was killed in an Illinois traffic accident in May 2000.

Family members encouraged Marcus’ mother Laura Jones to contact Attorney Hupy regarding this tragedy. The boy’s father, a resident of Mississippi, hired an attorney in Arkansas who agreed to have Attorney Hupy negotiate with the insurance company on behalf of all the parties.

Following delays by the insurance company, Attorney Hupy filed a lawsuit in Illinois. Once the suit had been filed, Attorney Hupy negotiated a $600,000 settlement on everyone’s behalf. Hupy, who is licensed in Illinois as well as Wisconsin, filed the lawsuit in Illinois despite the fact that one of the parents resided in Wisconsin and the other in Mississippi.

“Illinois has a more favorable wrongful death law than does Wisconsin or Mississippi. In Wisconsin, where Marcus Jones resided, the settlement would have been substantially less because of the state’s cap on claims for the wrongful death of a minor child. This case is an example of my policy of filing a lawsuit in the state court system that will yield the best result for my client,” stated Attorney Hupy.

Attorney Michael F. Hupy previously obtained the largest settlement in Wisconsin history in a case involving the death of a minor child.

If you, a family member, or friend has been injured anywhere in the United States, contact Hupy and Abraham. You will see—as Laura Jones did—that Attorney Hupy and his entire staff will go wherever necessary and do whatever it takes to obtain all of the compensation you deserve.