Pre-Suit Offer Rejected and $170,000 Settlement Obtained

Our client was riding a sportbike on a residential street in Green Bay. A car in front of him signaled a left turn, and our client tried to pass him on the right. The car that had signaled a left turn then suddenly attempted a right turn into a nearby driveway. Our client laid down his bike in order to avoid the accident, and ultimately collided with the back of the car.

Our client suffered low back injuries requiring chiropractic care and injections. He also suffered a knee injury requiring surgery. The insurance company offered $1,000 to settle the case. They argued that our client was going more than twice the posted speed limit while illegally passing a number of vehicles on the right. Attorney Robert Domol rejected the offer and filed a lawsuit. We secured a $170,000 settlement after mediation and just months before trial.


Jason F. Abraham
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