Posted on Sep 29, 2015

Motorcycles at WSBR End of the Year RideSeptember 20 was a beautiful day for a group ride at the Road Guardians compound in Big Bend, WI. Hundreds of riders showed up for this Wisconsin Sport Bike Riders (WSBR) charity event with makes, models and customizations varying widely. It wasn’t just a sport bike event however, as cruisers were not only welcome, but encouraged in the effort to spread the message of riders supporting other riders, no matter their type of bike. Held twice a year, the WSBR rides are some of the largest sport bike rides in Wisconsin. All proceeds go to charity, with the beneficiary of the fall ride being the host of the event.

Motorcycles parked at WSBR End of the Year event

Accident Scene Management, Inc. (ASMI) is a 501(c)3 organization that is the leading motorcycle trauma training center in the world, and the only accredited nonprofit Bystander Program in the U.S. Founded in 1996 by Vicki Roberts-Sanfelipo (RN/EMT), ASMI has now trained over 25,000 students with instructors in 30 states and five  countries.  Classes are offered with multiple levels of certification, from basic courses to classes designed specifically for professionals already in the medical trauma fields. Road Guardians, the continuing education program under ASMI, continues to spread information about accident trauma training on its website:

Large crowd of people in parking lot looking at motorcyclesThe WSBR ride not only had medical support (provided by ASMI), but also the cooperation and resources of three separate police counties and their associated departments, with special thanks to Big Bend Police Department, Waukesha County Sheriff, Walworth County Sheriff and Watertown Police Department.  Along with police support, coordinated intersection blockers and color-coded ribbons assured that the group stayed together, while food vendors and onsite pizza ensured that everyone was well fed.

Along with Hupy and Abraham, multiple companies sponsored the event including Hittin Hard Radio, AreaSmall group of people at WSBR End of the Year Ride event Convenience Mobile Dyno, ABATE of Wisconsin, Chula Vista Resort, Wisconsin Customs and Wicked Moto Parts, with all raffle proceeds going to support ASMI.

No matter what you ride, motorcycle safety and training is a vision we can all get behind. Get your free Watch For Motorcycles sticker here, and help spread the message to save lives.