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Woman Airlifted to Hospital Following Wisconsin Car Collision


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Posted on Feb 13, 2012

According to news released from the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, a woman from Adams, Wisconsin, was taken by helicopter to the University of Wisconsin-Madison Hospital Saturday, February 4th after being hit by a motor vehicle while on foot in the township of Dells Prairie.

Twenty-three year-old Adams resident Brandi Norton is in critical condition as of the most recent update, released Sunday morning.

Norton had exited her car after it ran out of gas, and began walking down Highway 13. The release reports that the 911 call took place at 9:51 pm on February 4th, saying that a pedestrian had been hit by a vehicle not far from the intersection of Highway 13 and Gilette Drive.

It’s likely Ms. Norton was difficult to see while walking down the road in the dark. She was struck by 36 year-old Shiwu Chen, another Adams resident. News released from the Sheriff’s Office does not include the speed at which Chen was traveling, nor does it describe Norton’s injuries beyond stating her condition as critical. 

Norton was first taken by ambulance to Devine Savior Hospital in Wisconsin Dells, and then transported by Flight for Life to the hospital at University of Wisconsin-Madison, according to the Adams County Sheriff’s Office news release.

The Wisconsin State Patrol was on hand to assist during the aftermath of the accident, and the incident is currently under further investigation.

The car accident lawyers at Hupy and Abraham extend their thoughts and well-wishes to Ms. Norton for a speedy recovery from this terrible ordeal.

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