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Traffic Fatalities Down in Wisconsin | Up in Brown County


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Posted on Sep 26, 2009

At of the beginning of September traffic deaths were down 14% over last year.  Though the 347 deaths in Wisconsin this year are too many, 55 more people had died this time last year.  Unfortunately Brown County is bucking this trend. 

Records show that 11 people have died on Brown County roads this year.  This is four more than last year.  Still, this year's numbers are considerably less that they were two years ago, when seven more people had died by September. 

Many, including DOT spokesman Steve Olson, believe that the overall decline in truck accident and  roadway deaths can be attributed, at least in part, to reduced driving due to hard economic times.  However, drunk drivers still play a major role in auto accidents. 

In Brown County every single fatal accident this year has involved alcohol.  The Brown County Sheriff's Captain can't believe that alcohol continues to cause so many accidents.

"That's just amazing," said Capt. Randy Schultz. "People aren't getting the message"

Drunk driving kills thousands each year and continues to be a problem despite aggressive anti-drunk driving campaigns nationwide.

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