Posted on Aug 30, 2009
House Bill 71 was recently signed into law.  The new law places a ban on text messaging while driving.  Lawmakers who believe that it will make roadways in Illinois a safer place created the bill. 

State Representative Anthony DeLuca  (D-Chicago Heights) backed the bill and spoke about its importance.  

"This new law will help improve safety on Illinois' roadways by making it a moving violation to text message while driving," DeLuca said.  "There are just too many accidents that occur because driers are focusing on what they are writing or responding to instead of paying attention to what is in front of them on the roadway."  

House Bill 71 changes the Illinois Vehicle code.  The new code will charge anyone writing, sending or reading a text message with a moving violation.   

The state law is directly related to a September 2006 car accident where a distracted driver who was using her cell phone at the time of the accident killed a cyclist.  

The law will take effect on January 1, 2010 but drivers are encouraged to stop texting while driving immediately.  

Text messaging while driving is dangerous and leads to thousands of injuries each year.  If you have been injured in an auto accident please contact your Illinois accident attorney at Hupy & Abraham today for your free consultation.