Posted on Jul 06, 2010

Teen drivers are often looked at as dangerous, distracted drivers.  Their avid use of cell phones and iPods must surely make them a danger on the roads.  Right?  Though it's true that these youngest technology junkies are guilty of texting and driving their adult counterparts are just as guilty.

A new report released by the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project states that adults are just as likely as teens to drive and text. The report, "Adults and Cell Phone Distractions," shows that adults talk and text while driving more than teenagers.

According to the report, 47 percent of adult texters have sent or received a text message while driving.  On the other hand, only 34 percent of teens who text have texted while driving.  The message is clear:  Both teens and adults are paying more attention to their phones than to the road. 

However, many are surprised that adults are more likely to be both texting and talking while driving.  The report found that adults were "substantially more likely than teens to have talked on their cell phones while driving".

Lee Rainie, the director of the Pew's Internet & American Life Project, spoke to the widespread nature of the problem.

"It is just as hard for adults as it is for teenagers to resist chatting with friends and sending off that quick text even in the midst of heavy traffic," she said.

The staff and attorneys at Hupy and Abraham hope that the study helps more drivers realize how important it is to put down the phone and concentrate on the road.  Doing so could very well save a life.

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