Posted on Mar 23, 2012

A confrontation between several Neenah teenagers on Sunday, March 11, ended in violence when a teenage driver attempted to run over pedestrians in a fit of rage. Once police arrived on the scene at Franklin Street, the 17-year-old driver was arrested and taken to jail to face attempted homicide charges. An 18-year-old was injured in the attack and taken to the hospital to be treated for “significant head trauma.”

Two passengers in the car at the time of the attack report attempts to stop the driver from driving into a crowd of pedestrians. One passenger attempted to describe the driver’s mind state at the time of the attack, stating: “I was yelling ‘stop, stop, stop. Think about this.’ She didn’t say anything, I think she was in shock.” 

According to these two passengers who witnessed the incident, the conflict arose when two groups of teenagers were hanging out in front of a Verona house. The passengers report that things escalated after two people jumped on the girl’s car while she was attempting to pull away, which is when the driver accelerated. One hanger-on fell off when the car swerved, and the other girl dropped from the car after it had run a stop sign and accelerated to an estimated 35 mph. 

Kevin Wilkinson, Chief of Police in Neenah, called the incident the worst crime involving girls that he has heard.

The Madison car crash attorneys of Hupy and Abraham extend their thoughts for a speedy recovery to the victim of this violence.