Posted on Jan 26, 2010

A Milwaukee teen has been charged with multiple offenses after he stole an SUV, ran from the police and caused an accident that took the lives of two young men.

18-year-old Arlo Enoch is facing five criminal charges to include homicide.  Enoch was driving away from the police in a stolen vehicle when he ran a red light, slamming into a car and killing both occupants.  23-year-old Don Hamilton and 21-year-old Donte Pearson were killed in the violent accident on New Year's Eve. 

When police arrested Enoch he had to be woken in order to perform the blood test.  His blood alcohol level was .143.  Dionne Thomas' brother, Don, was killed in the accident.  Thomas is only 18, but she says that she knows better than to drink and drive.

"I'm just a person who is into school so, I just know."

As Enoch awaits trial the mother of one of the victims, Don Hamilton, is angry.  Not only is she angry at the teen that killed her son, she is also angry with the Milwaukee Police Department.

"I blame them because they chased this young man, they could've stopped, they could've took the license plate."


The staff and attorneys at Hupy and Abraham would like to extend our sincerest condolences to the friends and family of Don Hamilton and Donte Pearson.