Posted on Oct 17, 2011

Bobby E. Jiles, age 39, of Milwaukee, was killed Tuesday morning when he was hit by a car while looking under the hood of his stranded Pontiac Grand Am on Hoan Bridge. The impact sent him flying over the bridge's railing, landing 80 feet below on the Summerfest grounds parking lot. Jiles was pronounced dead at the scene.

The crash happened around 7:20 a.m. in a southbound lane of I-794 just north of the Arches. When his car was disabled, Jiles got out and walked to the front to have a look at the engine. According to Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. a 24-year-old driver struck the Grand Am from behind, the impact knocking Jiles off the bridge.

The driver of the rear-ending car was not injured but was transported to Froedtert Hospital for a blood test and later released. Investigators are listening to 911 calls, watching videos from traffic cameras and checking cell phone records to determine what caused the crash. No charges have been filed yet while the investigation is pursued.

The accident occurred in a work zone without a space to pull over a disabled car.

Clarke said the accident appeared so far to have been simply a tragic event and a reminder of how dangerous it is to get out of a car stranded in a traffic lane. Whether to attend to the car or to help others, the urge to step out should be resisted, he added.

The attorneys of Hupy and Abraham send their heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Bobby Jiles.

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