Posted on Nov 03, 2011

Three times last week the Hoan Bridge had to be closed for traffic accidents, one of which threw a man attending to his stranded car over the bridge's rail to his death. The latest occurrence was on Saturday at around 7.30 a.m. when a crash left one person injured with neck pain. On Friday, a motorcyclist was seriously injured in another accident.

According to spokeswoman Fran McLaughlin, the Sheriff's department warned motorists on Saturday that traffic on the Hoan Bridge can be hampered by construction workers, causing sudden slowdowns when equipment needs to be moved. The absence of a shoulder or distress lane is an additional element of risk if vehicles collide or break down.

Officials decided on a range of immediately enforceable measures:

  • The speed limit is lowered from 50 to 40 mph and carts will show drivers their speed as they enter the bridge;
  • Motorcyclists are redirected to the left lane;
  • Lane changes are strictly limited.

A special squad will be deployed during peak hours to attend to emergency situations and control the enforcement of the new measures.

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