Posted on Mar 26, 2012

On September 5, 2009, Joshua Ozment was twenty-one. He was speeding along the Wolf River south of Fremont when he caused an accident that changed three lives and ended one. Ozment was traveling between 69 and 73 miles per hour when he crashed into a vehicle belonging to Emmy Kiecker and her husband. Mrs. Keicker was pregnant at the time. She was injured in the accident and lost her unborn child. The speed limit on the road is 55, but the suggested safe speed for that section of road is 40 miles per hour.

Ozment was charged with homicide by negligent use of a motor vehicle for causing the Waupaca County car crash. He was sentenced Friday, March 9. The Kieckers attended Ozment’s sentencing. They did not speak, but Ozment offered them an apology. He then broke down in tears.

Both the prosecuting attorney and Ozment's defense attorney made a joint recommendation of a fine as an appropriate sentence for Ozment. He had no prior record, was never in trouble either before or after the accident, and was genuinely sorry for his role in causing the crash. Ozment was fined $1,450.

What is the value of an unborn life? Is $1,450 a fair price for the loss of a child? Is youth an excuse for making poor decisions? We have no answers. It seems that in some situations, there are no winners.

The Milwaukee personal injury attorneys at Hupy and Abraham would like to offer our best wishes to all of those involved in this tragic Wisconsin auto accident.