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La Crosse Police Take Pedestrian Safety Seriously


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Posted on Apr 17, 2014

Last summer, Attorney Michael Hupy appeared on live TV and sent letters to all 19 metro-Milwaukee police chiefs and mayors demanding enforcement of pedestrian right-of-way laws. In La Crosse, they take “Yield To Pedestrians” seriously and have reduced the number of pedestrian and bicycle related accidents by almost 40%.

After the La Crosse Police Department received a pair of grants from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, they assigned extra patrols to focus specifically on enforcing bicycle and pedestrian laws. As a result, pedestrian and bicycle related accidents dropped from 90 in 2012 to 55 in 2013.

Not only has the La Crosse Police Department issued more citations to drivers who don’t stop at pedestrian crosswalks, the city has also installed flashing crosswalk signs on the busiest roads. When someone approaches a flashing crosswalk sign, all they have to do is push a button and the sign lights up instantaneously, prompting drivers to stop.

If more police departments don’t step up pedestrian law enforcement, you have to wonder who will be the next person killed in a crosswalk. Fortunately, the police departments of West Allis, Shorewood and Bayside have requested “Yield To Pedestrians” bumper stickers with heightened awareness in mind.

In an effort to reduce the number of accidents and save lives, Attorney Hupy has called for heightened pedestrian awareness and enforcement of pedestrian laws, much like they’re doing in La Crosse.

To further the cause, the personal injury law firm of Hupy and Abraham has distributed more than 15,000 “Yield To Pedestrians” bumper stickers and created a public service announcement that has aired in Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Appleton and Wausau as well as various cities in Illinois and Iowa.


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