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Iowa Drivers Need to be Careful in Construction Zones


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Posted on Oct 16, 2013

Hupy and Abraham has repeatedly called for heightened pedestrian awareness and reminded people that every corner is a crosswalk. But even when driving in a highway of open road rather than a city full of corners and crosswalks, it’s also important to be mindful of workers in construction zones. They are just as vulnerable as downtown pedestrians.

On Wednesday, October 2, a Waterloo construction worker was hospitalized after being struck by a vehicle in Sheldon, Iowa. 82-year-old Patricia Muilenburg was driving east on Highway 18 near Wansink Ave. when she struck 51-year-old Stennette Schauf with her passenger-side mirror. Schauf was promptly transported to Sanford Sheldon Medical Center and treated for minor injuries.

Thankfully, the driver wasn’t driving at full highway speed through the construction zone and the damage was minimal. Still, all drivers should be extra careful when driving through a construction zone and watch out for construction workers just as they do pedestrians and motorcyclists.

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