Posted on Sep 26, 2010

A new Illinois law will allow family members of those killed by distracted drivers to purchase and erect roadside signs.  The signs, which will read "Reckless Driving Costs Lives" are meant to honor accident victims and bring attention to the dangers of distracted driving.

The Roadside Memorial Act was signed into law earlier this year and will take effect January 1.  The act was inspired by a mother whose son was killed by a distracted driver in 2008.  The boy's father was parked in the right hand lane of the road after getting a flat tire.  A driver hit the parked car when he reached to pick up a dropped cigar.  Their five year old son, Adam, died as a result of the serious accident. 

His parents have been working ever since to bring attention to the dangers of distracted driving.  His mother, Cheryl Miller, has worked hard to push for "recognition for my son, but more importantly, awareness."

The new signs will be seen throughout the state, including along Plainfield-Naperville Road in Naperville where the Millers lost their son.  After the New Year they will become available to families for a onetime fee of $150.

The staff and attorneys at Hupy and Abraham would like to applaud the Millers dedication to their son's memory and to preventing distracted driving across Illinois.