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Bus Accident Injured Many, Damaged Motorcycle Headquarters


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Posted on Feb 19, 2010

Reports indicate that a Milwaukee County Transit System bus was traveling east on Highland Ave. when a van cut it off, causing the driver to swerve to avoid the van.  This caused the bus to crash into a tree and the gate at the Harley-Davidson headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

The van reportedly hit a tree as well.

Witnesses say that the bus crash caused major damage to both the front of the bus and a wall and iron gate at Harley-Davidson's headquarters.  The impact caused bricks from the wall to be thrown 50 feet into the motorcycle dealers' parking lot. 

At least twenty people were injured.  Some were taken to area hospitals.  The youngest accident victim was a three-year-old child.  Another of the injured, 16-year-old daughter of local resident David Sheriff, had her hand injured in the crash.  Sheriff was thankful that his daughter got out of the accident without major injures.

"I thank God that it was just her hand," Sheriff said. 

In addition to the injuries sustained by those riding the bus some of the occupants of the van were injured.  No update on the status of the injured parties is currently available.

The staff and attorneys at Hupy & Abraham hope that all of the accident victims make quick and complete recoveries.

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