Posted on Nov 02, 2009

Beginning November first auto insurance rates will increase for many in Wisconsin.  The state was one of only two that did not require liability insurance.  Now both the type and the amount of insurance drivers must carry will change.  Many people will have to upgrade their insurance or get liability insurance for the first time.

Democratic leader in the Legislature and major insurance companies are being blamed for the increase in insurance rates.  However, politicians and the insurance industry are locked in a battle of blame.  Lawmakers are pointing the finger at the insurance companies for the rate increases.

Assembly Majority Leader Tom Nelson, D-Kaukauna, said in a letter that, “any premium increases are due to the business decisions of insurance providers rather than any action taken by the Legislature.”

However the President of Wisconsin Insurance Alliance says that Nelson’s accretion is “flat out wrong.”  President Andy J. Franken points out that the alliance, an organization that represents insurance companies, spent more than $500,000 lobbying against the changes passed by the Legislature.

No matter who is to blame one thing is certain: Chances are your insurance premiums will soon increase.  Most insurance holders have already received letters from their agency, letting them know about the changes.

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