Posted on Apr 21, 2010

Though May is a few weeks away riders from ABATE of Wisconsin are already beginning their campaign to "be aware motorcycles are everywhere".  Over the weekend this slogan was seen on signs held by riders along Highway 100 near Center Street.  The riders' advocacy group chose this spot for their rally in honor of a rider who lost his life in a motorcycle accident in the area.

Last June a 52-year-old rider died after a car crossed the riders' path as he turned.  Steve Johnson, ABATE spokesperson, intends to help lower the number of injuries and deaths caused by motorcycle accidents.

"We want to take a proactive approach to the start of the season, and to let drivers know that we're going to be back out and allow us to have a safe season," Johnson said. 

According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation there have been seven deaths attributed to motorcycle accidents this year.  At the same time last year eight deaths had been reported.

The attorneys at Hupy & Abraham hope that spring brings perfect riding weather for riders and an increase in motorcycle safety and awareness.  As avid supporters of ABATE of Wisconsin we too encourage drivers to "share the road with motorcycles".

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