Posted on Aug 19, 2020

How to Get Comfortable as a Shorter Rider

It should go without saying that every rider is built differently. Often times, people on the shorter side feel that despite how much they would like, they cannot get into riding because of their stature. Most motorcycles often are not built as one-size-fits-all machines and the riding comfort is geared more toward people of average or taller height. This can force vertically challenged riders to only be able to ride smaller bikes to better fit their size. But, what if they would prefer to ride something bigger?

We at Hupy and Abraham understand the joy that so many get out of the motorcyclist lifestyle and believe that no one should be excluded from taking part in it, regardless of their size. As such, there are a few ways that riders can adjust their motorcycles to better fit their stature and allow people of any height to get behind the handlebars and enjoy a ride.

One of the simplest ways a shorter rider can safely ride a larger bike is to change up their technique. While most riders prefer to keep their feet flat on the ground at stops, some shorter riders simply cannot. A better technique for this situation would be leaning your bike to one side or the other to allow one of your feet to sit flat on the ground and maintain your balance while stopped.

Another thing to look into would be making adjustments to the motorcycle itself. While you cannot outright change the size of your motorcycle, many modern bikes do offer an adjustable suspension. Most modern motorcycle suspensions are built to accommodate a 180-pound person. So, if you weigh less than that, it may be worth it to soften your suspension somewhat to better match your weight. This will also improve your bike’s overall performance, as the suspension is meant to work best when a rider of a certain weight is on it.

While this next step is only applicable to a few motorcycles, it is still worth looking into as an option. Shorter riders might want to try lowering their seat if they can. While only some current models offer adjustable seats, there are plenty of aftermarket seat options that riders can use to make their motorcycle better fit their bodies. Additionally, having a narrower seat will provide a great deal more ease in getting your feet on the ground, as it will not be spreading your legs as much as a wider seat.

In addition to the techniques listed above, there are hosts of different aftermarket products that shorter riders can look into that will help their bike accommodate their build. Just be sure to do your research thoroughly and make sure that any adjustments you make to your motorcycle preserve any safety features. Do not make any modifications that compromise the motorcycle’s necessary functions.

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