Below are some important websites for drivers maintained by the state governments of Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa:


  • Traffic safety facts: This site maintained by the Illinois State Police provides important traffic safety facts or statistics.
  • Winter driving tips: This site is also maintained by the Illinois State Police and provides important information about how to stay safe on the roads during the winter.
  • Map of current road and highway construction: The Illinois Department of Transportation uses this site to provide vital information to drivers such as planned construction projects, where weather winter conditions may be occurring, annual average daily traffic and more.
  • Driver services (licensing information): The Illinois Secretary of State Office provides information about driver's license requirements.
  • Seat belt awareness: The Illinois Department of Transportation provides useful information for young kids, teens and adults.


  • Reporting traffic accidents: The Wisconsin Department of Transportation explains when an accident must be reported and provides the applicable reporting forms.
  • Traffic safety courses: If you've received points on your license that you want to reduce through approved traffic safety courses then you can use this list, provided by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, to find the course that is convenient for you.
  • Traffic convictions: Wondering how common certain traffic convictions are in Wisconsin? You can find out statistics from the last ten years on this government website.
  • Map of current road and highway construction: Find out where the current road and highway projects are going on so that you can plan your routes accordingly.
  • Information on obtaining or renewing your driver license: Learn what you have to do to get a driver's license in the state of Wisconsin.


  • Trip Planning: The Iowa Department of Transporation provides tips on how to plan your trip safely.
  • Safe Driving Tips: Wondering what the Iowa Department of Transportation suggests for safe driving tips? Find out here!
  • Iowa Highway Safety Laws: The Governors Highway Safety Assocation explains Iowa's laws with regard to aggressive driving, distracted driving, child passenger safety, drug impaired driving, drunk driving, speed limits and more.
  • Getting or Renewing an Iowa Driver's License: Find out what you need to know to be a licensed driver in Iowa.

Of course, there are many other websites that are maintained by federal, state, and local government agencies that are useful for drivers. If you have a question about how to stay safe on the roads then we encourage you to get the information that you need from a reputable source.