As written in The Washington Post on May 22, 2012, Wisconsin attributes bad and rainy weather in 2011 for keeping motorcyclists off the road and, consequently, decreasing the number of Wisconsin motorcyclist fatalities.

Death on Four Wheels…versus Two Wheels

According to an annual report released two weeks ago, the nationwide death rate for other motorists continues to decline, while the number of motorcyclist deaths remains about the same. The number of motorcyclist deaths in Wisconsin decreased, as it did a few other states.

Troy Costales, chairman of the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), says, “It is disappointing that we’re not making progress in motorcycle safety, particularly as fatalities involving other motorists continue to decline.”

The GHSA report attributes the overall decline in motorist deaths to four-wheel vehicle advances, such as vehicle stabilization, air bags, and seat belt use. Earlier GHSA reports pointed to three factors that contribute to motorcyclist fatalities: speeding, operating a motorcycle under the influence of alcohol, and not wearing a helmet.

To Wear a Helmet…or Not

The GHSA states that in 2008 alone, 822 motorcyclists would have survived had they been wearing a helmet. Many motorcycle riders are opposed to mandatory helmet laws, and state helmet laws vary. Nineteen states and the District of Columbia require that all motorcycle riders wear helmets. Thirty-one states that originally required helmets for all riders later repealed the law, requiring helmets only for certain riders, such as those younger than 18 or 21 years old. Three states do not require helmets for any motorcycle riders. Wisconsin requires helmets only for riders younger than age 18 and instructional permit holders.

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