How Safe are Limousines in Wisconsin?

Most of us who travel in limos do so only occasionally for special occasions. Proms, weddings, extraordinary birthday celebrations, trips to the airport, or funerals, for example, are occasions when we may pile into limos with our friends or relatives. Limos provide a way for everyone to be together without anyone having the responsibility of driving.

But Are Limousines Safe?

When you choose a limo, you may do so based on price, style, and availability. Since limousine companies are businesses that want to prevent accidents, you may not think too much about safety. You may figure that the limo company has safety issues covered because it is good business for them to do so. However, there are several potential safety issues that you could cause a catastrophic limo crash. These issues include:

  • Unqualified limo drivers. Driving a limo is different than driving a car. However, some drivers may not have the necessary experience or the required credentials to drive safely.
  • Modified vehicles that do not meet safety standards. Many stretch limos are created by cutting an existing car or SUV down the middle and adding to it after it leaves the car manufacturing factory. This can impact the vehicle’s stability and other safety features.
  • Lack of seat belts. Some limos may not have seat belts. The social aspect of limo travel and the position of the seats may cause some limo companies and passengers to think that seat belts are not necessary.
  • Driver negligence. Tired, drunk, distracted, otherwise negligent limo drivers can cause devastating crashes.

Additionally, limo companies may fail to purchase adequate insurance to cover injuries when accidents do occur.

Safety Regulations Vary

There are some state regulations regarding limo safety. For example, a limo that carries 16 or more passengers must be driven by a driver with a commercial driver’s license. However, many of the safety rules are left to the municipalities.

For example, in Milwaukee, every limo must receive a permit from the city. The permit is good for two years. Some of the paperwork that must accompany the application for a permit includes a police background check, a certificate of insurance, and a copy of the vehicle’s registration. During the permit period, permit holders may be directed to bring their limo to the Milwaukee Department of Public Works for inspection.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You After a Limo Accident

You weren’t driving the limo, and you weren’t the one who caused the accident. However, a limo driver who was negligent or a limo company that failed to comply with required regulations or failed to take reasonable safety precautions may have caused the crash and your resulting injuries.

Now is the time to take action to protect your right to a fair recovery. Get the medical attention that you need to diagnose and treat your injuries, take pictures of your vehicle, the limo, your injuries, and the accident scene, and contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

The limo company, or its insurer, may try to get you to settle quickly and for less than your case is worth. Show them that you mean business by hiring us. For the past half century, our firm has represented people who have been hurt in accidents. Insurance companies know that our clients will be treated fairly and that if they are unwilling to offer a fair settlement that we will go to court to demand it.

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