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Wisconsin Motorists and the Risks of Deteriorating Truck Drivers’ Health

"How are you today?"
Most Wisconsin people inquire about the health of others when they care. It may be the right time to ask about the health condition of drivers of tractor-trailers and dump trucks.

Wisconsin motorists care a lot about truck drivers because they know how crashes with 18-wheelers can inflict terrible injuries and damage. They do not want ailing, tired or weak drivers behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer any more than they want to step into an airplane with a sick pilot in the cockpit.

So, how is the health of Wisconsin truck drivers?

While it would obviously be wrong to generalize, it is clear there are serious health issues among truck drivers and that the trend is not pointing towards improvement. There are quite a few reasons why truck drivers, more than other professionals, have health issues while working on the job.

What are the main health issues of truck drivers?

  • Truck drivers work irregular hours, switching from daytime to nighttime work, and spend long periods at work without taking a day off in order not to miss any business and make their deadlines.
  • Interstate truck drivers spend most of their time away from home, eating mostly at truck stops or consuming sandwiches and drinking soda or coffee while driving.
  • Truck drivers are usually paid by the mile, which keeps them under constant pressure to drive the extra mile and keep on working even if they're ill or tired.
  • It is very difficult for truck drivers to workout at the gym or go out hiking or biking.

The critical elements at the root of Wisconsin truck drivers’ health issues are the pay-by-the-mile system and the consumption of unhealthy foods and drinks.

Very rapidly, truck drivers start putting on weight and develop a number of ailments like backache, high blood pressure, migraine or fatigue. Truck drivers cannot afford to drive back home to see their doctor, so they lumber on, taking over-the-counter pills to fight pain, drowsiness or depression. Drugs have their own side issues, as is well known, that take an additional toll on the driver’s physical condition.

Truck drivers deserve a better treatment and the right to rest and heal when feeling tired, sick or in pain. It is the responsibility of motor carriers to keep their own workers healthy and our highways safe from Wisconsin tractor-trailer accidents.

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