A lot of controversy has always been centered on child safety while riding in a vehicle. This has triggered private companies as well as government agencies to conduct studies on how best to keep children safe during a car crash. As time goes on and more studies are conducted, many of the laws and suggestions on how and where a child should sit change.

As studies change the way child safety seating is practiced, one thing has remained the same: a child should always sit in the back seat. Studies have shown that this is by far the safest spot that a child should sit.

Three facts that prove that it is best for a child to sit in the back seat are:

  • Distractions. One of the most common causes for auto accidents in Gurnee are due to distracted drivers. A child riding in the front seat can cause more distractions for the driver.
  • Type of impact. The most common car crash in Gurnee is a frontal collision. By sitting in the back seat, a child has more vehicle mass in front of her to absorb the crash, which will ultimately equate to the child being safer.
  • Airbags. Front passenger airbags have been known to cause injury and even death in many instances. The force of the airbag is designed to work on an adult. The force of the airbag exploding out can be very dangerous to children under the age of 13.

As a parent, your children’s safety should always be the primary consideration for everything you do. Insuring that they are properly seated in a vehicle is no different. A driver should always follow vehicle safety guidelines as well as the law.

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