If you or someone you love has been through a Wisconsin car accident, the challenges you are dealing with can be daunting. On top of pain and suffering, you might be worried about considerable material damage, loss of income, and medical bills piling up at a fast rate. If the other party caused the accident, are they going to pay the bills? Or should they be sent to your or their insurance company? Let's go over the possibilities:

Your Health Insurance

Our first recommendation would be to submit your bills to your own insurance carrier. If you or someone covered by your plan has been treated, you should send your health insurer the bills and avoid any delay in paying the care providers. If you are awarded a settlement at a later date, your insurance company will be subrogated in the rights to collect part of that settlement in order to be reimbursed.

Another advantage is that most health insurers pay the care providers at a discount from the amount billed to you. If your settlement is based on the full amount billed, your insurer collects the part they have paid, and you are to keep the difference.

Your Car Insurance

If you have taken auto insurance tailored to your needs, you may have coverage for medical expenses or personal injury protection (PIP). If you were a passenger in someone else's car at the time of the crash, you need to check this person's auto and third-party liability insurance. This coverage can be used to pay for deductibles and uncovered expenses on your health insurance.

A lien on your settlement

You can request, or accept, that care providers place a lien on the future settlement of your case. This option can be refused by the care providers and has a better chance of being accepted if your case is strong.

If the other party is undoubtedly liable for all damages you have suffered in the accident, it doesn't mean you will collect fair compensation. The party at fault may be uninsured or underinsured and may not have enough assets to pay you. This is why it is wise to include uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage in your auto insurance policy. If the other party is well insured, their insurance carrier will almost certainly wait until the case is settled before paying anything.

Your best bet to maximize your chances of reaching a fair settlement, in or out of court, and of paying your medical bills on time is to request the assistance of an experienced, reputed, and Milwaukee car accident attorney.

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