After an Appleton car accident, it is natural to focus on the most obvious injuries. A bleeding arm or a broken leg must be dealt with immediately. Between your injuries, your damaged car, and dealing with the insurance, it may be days before you notice that your vision is blurry or that your eyes are extra sensitive to light. You might think your vision changes are signs of exhaustion, but they may be signs of something more significant.

It is not unusual to experience vision changes after an Appleton car crash. When there is no obvious eye injury, vision changes may be symptoms of an injury to the optic nerve or brain. Vision changes associated with brain injury include:

  • Sore, achy, tired-feeling eyes
  • Headaches, especially after visual tasks
  • Double vision
  • Blurred vision
  • Blurring when changing the gaze from far to near or from near to far
  • Unusual sensitivity to light
  • Unusual sensitivity to glare
  • Words seem to move while reading
  • Losing place while reading
  • Loss of reading comprehension
  • Problems concentrating or paying attention especially during visual tasks
  • Problems tracking moving objects
  • Difficulty maintaining eye contact
  • Problem with visual memory
  • Inability to recognize faces or objects, even of family and friends
  • Inability to judge distance (or tell if an object is near or far)
  • Loss of visual field
  • Eyes that work separately rather than together

Discuss any vision changes after an Appleton car crash with your eye doctor. Many vision changes are temporary, but there may be permanent damage. Your eye doctor will be able to treat the damage vision therapy and corrective lenses.

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