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The new year is right around the corner, which means it’s time for new resolutions. A great way to start the new year off is to incorporate these safe-driving tips, every time you get into your vehicle.

  1. Obey speed limits: Make sure you always obey the speed limit that is posted on the road. Speeding puts you and the cars around you in danger and at a higher risk of having an accident. 
  2. Always buckle up: Something as simple as buckling a seatbelt can save your life if you are in an accident. Make it a habit to not turn the key until everyone in the vehicle is buckled up.
  3. Avoid distractions: Always keep your attention on driving and do not try to multitask. Things such as phones and loud music can distract you and decrease your reaction time, which can lead to dangerous accidents.
  4. Drive defensively: Be aware of what is always going on around you. Assume that something will happen with another vehicle and be prepared so that you can avoid it.
  5. Keep vehicle safe: Make sure your vehicle is safe to drive before you take it on roadways.

These five safety tips are great New Year’s resolutions to work on all year long to keep you, and the people on the road around you, safe.


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