Do you know what steps to take if you have been hurt as an Uber passenger?

Since 2013, the rideshare industry, including Uber, has grown significantly. Uber, UberX, UberBLACK, and all other Uber vehicles are convenient. You can use an app on your smartphone to request a ride to where you need to go. If you arrive safely. then the service has worked as intended; however, every time you get in an Uber car there is a risk of being hurt in a ridesharing accident.

Four Things to Do If You’re Hurt in an Uber Accident

If you are a passenger who has been hurt in an Uber car accident, then it is important to…

  • Make sure the police are called to the accident scene. An investigation should be conducted and a police report should be written.
  • Get medical attention. If you or anyone else has been hurt, then first responders should be called to the accident scene. It is important to accept medical help and to follow up with your own doctors, as appropriate, for any injuries.
  • Get contact information for all drivers in the accident. This includes names, license plate numbers, driver’s license information, addresses, and insurance information.
  • Be cautious about speaking with insurance adjusters. Insurance adjusters are not looking out for your best interest. Instead, they are trying to maximize profits for their employers by paying you as little as possible. Anything that you say to an insurance adjuster may be used against you during settlement talks, so it is important not to talk to an insurance adjuster and, instead, to let your attorney represent you.

Uber has commercial liability insurance that may cover your injuries in an accident. There may be a dispute, however, between Uber and the independent contractor who was driving the Uber car. The driver, the company, and their insurance companies may try to deflect the blame and make it someone else’s responsibility to pay you. Liability may be complicated and one or more parties may be responsible for paying your damages.

This Isn’t Your Problem. You Are Entitled to a Fair Recovery

As a passenger, you did not cause the accident in which you were injured. Accordingly, it is important to follow the steps outlined above and to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Let your attorney figure out who should pay your damages while you concentrate on your physical recovery.

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