A motorcycle riders holds their rain soaked helmet after getting off their bike.

With spring approaching quickly, it’s almost riding season. The weather this year is already warming up and creating some great opportunities for motorcyclists. Some riders just can’t wait to get their bikes out on the road and are taking their bikes out of storage to get some early rides. This early spring weather is unpredictable and could bring rainy and stormy conditions out of nowhere while you're on a motorcycle ride.

Here are a few quick tips for riding safely in the rain on your motorcycle.

Always remain prepared: Always check the weather forecast before your motorcycle ride and don’t ride in hazardous conditions if you don’t have to. Know your route and plan for places to stop if the weather becomes hazardous unexpectedly. Carry a cell phone in case of an emergency.

Make sure your motorcycle is roadworthy: Use the T-CLOCK checklist to examine all the important components of your bike to make sure it is safe to take on the road. You can check out this great video explaining T-CLOCK here. Tires are especially important in wet weather, so make sure that you have the proper tread and that the tires are inflated the right amount.

Use the correct riding gear: Rain can come at any moment on your spring ride. Carry rain gear with you, including waterproof gloves and boots. If you choose to wear a helmet, use one with a face shield. Try applying a water repellant like Rain-X to the visor so that rain doesn’t impede your vision.

Ride cautiously: With rainy weather, you’ll want to take everything a little slower than you normally would and stay extra aware of your surroundings. Give yourself extra distance between you and the vehicles around you. When braking, use light and even pressure with a little more rear brake than front. Be aware of hazards on the road like wet leaves or other debris that can make handling and stopping difficult.

Staying fully aware and following these tips will help ensure that you’ll have a safe early spring ride, even if the rain hits. Stay tuned to HUPY.COM for more great articles on motorcycle safety, events and more.

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